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A Comprehensive Review of XEND Token: Exploring Value, Utility, and Investment Potential

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xend funamentals with adaas

Introducing XEND cryptocurrency

The XEND Finance ($XEND) Cryptocurrency is the first protocol and project to target a market share of more than $2.2 trillion in the World Finance Association. Centralized and Fiat financial systems always limit activities in other countries by factors such as commissions and investment rules and regulations and finance such as deposits, loans, etc. The XEND Finance protocol aims to optimize and improve the field for removing centralized and traditional financial barriers and providing financial services such as savings, deposits, loans, and decentralized investment globally.

In this regard, Xend Cryptocurrency is used as a reward for users in the field of saving, investing, and performing various operations.
Also, Xend Cryptocurrency allows us to automate personal credit transactions through smart contracts, the fee of which is paid through Xend, a percentage of which is used to reduce the working supply to help users.

This platform is burning in the field of payment and holders in this field. In fact, Xend Finance focuses on developing countries that are incapable of controlling their finances, focusing on decentralizing their finances (like some African countries). This goal provides 10% of the credit union market.

XEND Cryptocurrency and the Credit Union Market

Xend Finance is part of the XEND ecosystem, which currently has more than 55,000 users worldwide.
This ecosystem consists of two parts:

  • Xend: A platform for sending and receiving money online and offline
  • Geena: Business and Analysis Tools Used EME

What is the use of Xend Cryptocurrency?

Xend Finance is a DeFi platform for the Credit Union by optimizing various lending protocols to provide the right conditions for financial return in volatile economies, allowing anyone anywhere in the world to use this Gives the platform.

One of the capabilities of this platform is providing the SDK (Software Development Kit) to developers so that developers can develop applications for that platform easier and easier.
(In fact, an SDK includes a set of tools, such as compilation functions, designed to make it easier for the programmer to fit a particular environment or platform, and is provided to the programmer.)

What are the reasons for the growth of Xend Cryptocurrency?

The photo below shows a significant comparison of the Xend Finance platform with other financial platforms; We can point out the big differences of this platform compared to other financial platforms such as being a token, SDK capability for developers, Governance token provided, high APY, and low fee.
A significant part of this comparison points to the current valuation of these platforms, which Xend Finance, with its superiority over other financial platforms, accounts for only $15 million of the market volume, which indicates the tremendous potential for growth of this The platform is in the future.

A review of XEND Cryptocurrency technology

Ethereum’s Powerful Block-Chain

Ethereum Blockchain has been used as the core of the XEND Finance project.
Ethereum’s Blockchain has the highest number of DeFi lending platforms that integrate more protocols into Xend Finance to provide the best APY (Annual Percentage Yield) to its users.

Binance Smart Chain

An Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible blockchain that works in parallel with Binance Chain to maintain Binance Chain operational power while executing smart contracts.
This blockchain is so powerful that it produces 1 block every 3 seconds and its fee is very low and it also helps to transfer inter-chain assets.

Solidity programming language

The Xend Finance team uses high-level programming language (close to human language) for their smart contracts for Governor smart contract and Lock smart Contract.

Ganache technology

The technology is a development tool used to build a branch of the Ethereum core network and Binance Smart Chain, to test the Xend Finance protocol with all aspects of the core network but on a blockchain.

Truffle technology

Is a platform for building and running automated tests used to test protocols.

XEND Token Allocation

The distribution plan of tokens in different activities (Token Allocation) is based on the following image, which is given the necessary explanations in relation to each section.

Total supply:

200,000,000 XEND
Turnover supply at the time of release is approximately equal to XEND 26 million.

Pre-seed round:
This part of the supply to which 10% is allocated; The token is a pre-sale token that was sold in April 2019 at a price of $ 0.006 to $120,000.
It should be noted that this amount is locked for a total of one year and then 20% of it is offered in each season.

Seed Sale:
This 10% share of the offering is a private sale that sold for $50025 in September 2020 for $500,000.
It should be noted that this amount of 20% of the supply occurs 10 days after the release and then the remaining 20% of it is released in each season.

Strategic Round-1:
This part of the supply, which accounts for 11.11% of the total supply, was sold in September 2020 at a price of $0.045 to $1 million.
It is noteworthy that the supply of these tokens is 25% of TGE
Or (Token Generation event) and then the rest of the supply is released seasonally at 18.75% per season.Strategic Round-2:
This part of the supply, which is 0.67%, was sold on February 15, 2020, at a price of $0.075 or $100,000. It should be noted that no amount of this amount is locked.

Private Sale:
This part of the supply, which has 3.38% d, was sold in January 2021 at a price of $ 0.06 to $ 405 thousand.
It is noteworthy that 25% of the sold tokens are placed in TGE and then the remaining 18.75% is offered in each season.

Community Offering (SHO):
This part of the supply, to which 0.67% belongs, was sold on February 15 at a price of $0.075 to $100,000.
It should be noted that no amount of this amount is locked.* Note: The mentioned price points show the important fundamental support points of this currency, whose power is directly related to the number of tokens sold at that price.

XEND tokens supply program

The visible chart shows how the XEND Finance project token is supplied. Join us to analyze and review this chart!

At the beginning of the supply, 26 million XEND currencies are injected into the market, of which 13.3 million are sold in BALANCER exchanges and 12.7 million are sold in other exchanges such as UNI SWAP. UNI SWAP exchange has not been listed yet!) Which have so far launched 3.5 million XEND currencies according to their announcement.

At the time of writing, 9.2 million XEND currencies have not yet been offered, and it is likely that the offer will be planned in stages so as not to negatively affect prices.

3 months after the launch of the XEND cryptocurrency, the supply will increase from 26 million to 30 million XEND currency by 15%; This means that the price of XEND cryptocurrency from the first day of supply to the third month of supply does not pose any risk from its supply.

In the sixth month, supply will increase from 30 million XEND to 45 million XEND by 30%, which means that 10% will be added to the current supply on a monthly basis, which does not pose a risk of falling prices.

In the ninth month, supply will increase from 45 million to 58.5 million, and here, too, supply will increase by 30%, which, as before, there is no risk from the supply side for the price of XEND Cryptocurrency.

In the twelfth month, the supply will increase from 58 million to 70 million by 20%, which is not a risk of falling prices at all.

XEND Cryptocurrency Development Team

Ugochukwu Aronu

CEO and Chief Blockchain Engineer

He has worked in Nigeria to assess vulnerabilities and penetration testing for large banks in Nigeria.
He has also worked for Lloydant Business Services in Nigeria as a software engineer, building payment systems, security systems, authentication systems, and more.
He studied at the University of Nigeria and built a home automation system while studying.

Abafor Chima


Mr. Abafor has worked in the field of technology and solution development for emerging and emerging markets and in the field of technical development of several companies and has served as Chief Technology Officer at Ugarsoft and Ogwugo. Abafor has also worked as a facility engineer at Chevron, a maintenance engineer at Alufoils, and a software developer at ByteWorks.

XEND Cryptocurrency Investors

The end words

At Adaas Capital, we hope that by reading this article you are fully acquainted with XEND analysis. You can contribute to our progress by sharing the article “XEND fundamental Analysis” published in Adaas Investment Magazine, and help optimize this article by submitting your comments.




What is XEND Cryptocurrency?

Xend Finance is a DeFi platform for the Credit Union by optimizing various lending protocols to provide the right conditions for financial return in volatile economies, allowing anyone anywhere in the world to use this Gives the platform.

Where can I buy XEND Cryptocurrency?

You can buy XEND Cryptocurrency in :
– UniSwap (V2)
– Gate.io
– PancakeSwap (V2)

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