Fidenza NFT Full Review & Introduction!

Comprehensive Introduction and Review of Fidenza NFT: Exploring the Artistic Innovation and Rarity of Fidenza Collection

By reading the article “Fidenza NFT Review” published in Adaas Investment Magazine, you will get acquainted with the introduction of the Fidenza NFT Collection and its stats in general. This level of familiarity can be enough when you need educational information about this topic.

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NFT collections have come across the ideas of many artists over time. This has led to the birth of extraordinary works of art in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which have attracted the attention of many art collectors and investors.

The Fidenza NFT collection is known as the new generation of artwork in the form of NFT tokens. This collection, whose token value has reached millions of dollars, is considered a suitable investment position for further analysis in the eyes of investors. In the following, we have prepared for you a comprehensive review of the Fidenza NFT collection.

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Introducing the Fidenza NFT collection

A computer algorithm creates the artworks produced in this collection. This feature has made the Fidenza NFT collection fall into the Generative Arts category, and as a result, this collection has become more popular among investors.

Tyler Hobbs is the creator of the Fidenza Algorithm. Working in the field of computational aesthetics, he develops custom algorithms that can create unique works of art by computer.

The colors used in the Fidenza collection are selected manually and each of the colors follows a certain probability of use so that the basics of art and creativity in them reach the maximum possible amount. Random and organic curves can be seen in the works of this collection, which are designed by this algorithm.

One of the biggest aesthetic features of this algorithm is that none of the elements collide or overlap with each other. Also, the distance between the elements is checked by the algorithm so that they are in their best state. All the works are produced and published in 7 sizes from Small (very rare) to XL and in two modes of uniform and random element thickness.

If you are interested in studying all the details of the elements used in the Fidenza collection, you can get additional information from the official website of this project using the link below.

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tyler hobbs fidenza
Credit: Tyler Hobbs, Marfa Mural, Marfa, TX, 2021. Courtesy of the artist

Fidenza’s NFT collection statistics review

On June 11, 2021, Fidenza Collection was minted at ETH 0.17. Of course, it should be noted that all tokens are minted in 25 minutes and all transactions are done in secondary markets now.

The commission for buying and selling this collection in secondary markets such as Opensea is planned to be 10%, of which 5% goes to the creator of the work, 2.5% to Art Blocks, and 2.5% to Opensea.

The number of tokens in this collection is 999 and the number of tokens listed for auction has been decreasing. Since October 2021, the maximum daily sale of Fidenza collection tokens has been 3, and the number of buying and selling transactions is experiencing a neutral and non-sloping trend.

fidenza listing charts

The floor price indicator for the Fidenza NFT collection has experienced a very rapid growth until August 2021 with a record of 290 Ethereum. After that, a downward trend has been formed for this index. Of course, signs of the possibility of a new upward trend can be seen in the chart of the floor price index.

fidenza nft floor price

This collection considers 11 traits for the visual form of tokens. In the photo below, you can see the top 3 tokens in the order of their rarity in this collection.

fidenza to rariest tokens

The information of the owners of Fidenza collection tokens shows the value of these works of art created by computer algorithms. As you can see in the image below, more than 80% are loyal owners who refer to them as diamond hands.

Also, you can see the 10 addresses with the largest number of stored tokens in the second image.

fidenza owner stats

fidenza top 10 owners

The story of the Fidenza NFT collection

The name of this collection is taken from a city in Italy and its works are inspired by the abstract expressionist artist Francis Klein. The creator of this collection introduces the Fidenza algorithm as his most complete algorithm, which he has been developing since 2016.

According to Tyler Hobbs’ claim, none of the works in this collection are edited by hand or using software such as Adobe Photoshop, and all of them are designed and created by the output of the programmed algorithm.

Generative art has been marketed since 1960, but works such as the Fidenza collection have been able to introduce many investors and collectors to this style of art by gaining great fame. As a result of this familiarity, the creator of this series became a millionaire from receiving buying and selling commissions in the secondary market.

The Fidenza collection is a cross between traditional art and computer science, where the aesthetic taste of its creator is visible. Tyler Hobbs was initially engaged in figure and landscape designs and realized his lack of interest in traditional art. After studying the computer field, he became interested in generative art, and finally, after getting to know the Art Blocks platform, the idea of ​​creating the Fidenza collection was created for him.

fidenza by tyler hobbs

Reviewing the application of the Fidenza collection

NFTs are more than just an image, and a large part of their value is related to the application of a collection.

Fidenza is categorized as a valuable NFT collection due to its artwork. Generative art has become very popular in the NFT industry. One of the biggest uses of the Fidenza collection is its value from the point of view of art experts and its high popularity among collectors.

The Social position is practical that the owners of this collection will achieve. Imagine how well others will feel if you display a work of art by the famous painter Da Vinci in your home or office!

This feeling can be extended to works of generative art such as the Fidenza collection and their owners, with the difference that generative art is much more modern and advanced than traditional arts and may bring better vibes to its owners.

art gallery


The Fidenza NFT collection is one of the most popular among investors in the NFT industry as well as art collectors. The reason why this collection is valuable is the unique art created by its creator Tyler Hobbs and the use of aesthetic science in the elements of this collection.

In order to consider this collection as an investment position, one should check the published statistics of the floor price, the amount of buying and selling, the Diamond Hands owners, as well as the number of tokens listed in the secondary market, and if all the indicators, demonstrated the appropriate entry conditions, made trading decisions.

Fidenza NFT Full Review

The End Words

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What is the Fidenza Collection?

The Fidenza NFT collection is known as the new generation of artwork in the form of NFT tokens.

Why the Fidenza NFTs can be valuable?

It can be a valuable collection due to the unique art created by its creator Tyler Hobbs and the use of aesthetic science in the elements of this collection.

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