What is Ainu token + Ainu Fundamental Analysis

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what is Ainu token and how to buy

Introducing Ainu cryptocurrency

In the official white paper of this token, they introduce themselves as a token developed under the BEP20 standard of the Binance smart chain. Features of this currency include automatic liquidity, fixed rewards for long-term investors, and negative inflation.

Ainu token tokenomic review

This cryptocurrency offers specifications and features very similar to what SAFEMOON cryptocurrency has.

Static rewarding

Ainu token has a fixed reward mechanism for long-term investors or in other words HOLDERS of this cryptocurrency. The reward is provided in such a way that 5% of the transaction fee of this cryptocurrency is distributed among investors according to the number of tokens held.

Automatic liquidity providing

Ainu token developers add 5% of the fee of each transaction to the liquidation pools to solve the problem of insufficient liquidity so that the users who want to buy can do the transaction without any problem.

Negative inflation

The supply of AINU tokens is a fixed amount (1,000,000,000,000,000,000), and in addition, a dead wallet without access also receives a fixed reward. These rewards somehow get out of the cycle of circulating tokens and in the long term will cause negative inflation for this token.

deflation by ainu token

Ainu token Transparency

Ainu token has released the address of the wallet from which the liquidity is provided to the public. They also claim that the wallet will not be available for their team until the end of 2021.

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Ainu token smart contract audit

The AINU token and its smart contract have been audited by the Solidity Finance Group. They have done this audit to make their smart contract as transparent as possible for investors.

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Charity helps during covid-19

Ainu token development team has released a transaction address to help Indian hospitals suffering from coronary heart disease. They claim to have donated 20% of the total supply of AINU tokens to the India Crypto Covid Relief Fund, as the founder of Ethereum.

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Ainu token roadmap review

This project will be completed in 5 steps. In the first phase, which is called birth, in May 2021, actions such as tokenomic definition, visual design, the first version of the website will be completed.

The second phase, called CRAWL, will end with liquidity providing, charitable operations, and social media communications.

In the third phase called WALK, the second version of the website, listing in Indoex, updating the information of Binance smart chain, and AINU CHAIN game will be completed.

The fourth phase, called RUN, targets listing on CoinMarketCap, listing on Coinbit, and more than 10,000 long-term investors.

In the last stage, which is called SPRINT and is on AUG 2021, the AINU SWAP exchange will be implemented.

deflation by ainu token

AINU Swap introduction

The Ainu token development team has introduced AINU SWAP, a decentralized exchange that uses PancakeSwap liquidity pools.

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How to buy or sell the Ainu token

To trade AINU tokens, users can use the following exchanges:

  • PancakeSwap (V2)
  • XT.COM
  • IndoEx

Dear visitors, you can also use the profile of this cryptocurrency on the CoinMarketCap website to check the exchanges that offer this token. To do this, visit the Market section.

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How to buy Ainu token from PancakeSwap

Purchasing from PancakeSwap DEX is the same for all cryptocurrencies offered on the Binance smart chain. To get started, you must first copy the Tokin AINU smart contract.

To do this, we enter the official website of this cryptocurrency. Then select the Contract option from the menu.

how to buy anon inu

After navigating to the token profile, we copy its smart contract. Then we enter the PancakeSwap DEX and after connecting our wallet, which contains the BNB token to buy this cryptocurrency, we place the smart contract in the token section. Then we confirm it and do our transaction.

how to buy anon inu - contract

how to buy anon inu - add token

how to buy anon inu - import

how to buy anon inu

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what is Ainu token and how to buy


What is the Ainu token?

In the official white paper of this token, they introduce themselves as a token developed under the BEP20 standard of the Binance smart chain.

What are the features of the AINU token?

Features of this cryptocurrency include automatic liquidity, fixed rewards for long-term investors, and negative inflation.

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