Creating and Selling NFT Art: A Step-by-Step Guide for Artists and Creators

Comprehensive Tutorial on NFT Art Creation and Sales: From Concept to Marketplace Success

By reading the article “Create NFT and Sell” published in Adaas Investment Magazine, you will easily get acquainted with the tutorial on How to Create NFT Art and Sell it! This level of familiarity can be enough when you need educational information about this topic.

A new technology that is developing and expanding applications at an incredible speed! As a new generation of smart contracts, NFT tokens have become one of the most popular digital assets among investors and traders.

Many artists and users are interested in designing and developing NFT tokens and offering them in the best NFT marketplaces. In the following, we have published the training for creating and selling NFTs for you! Be with Adaas investment magazine.

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How to create NFTs?

The design and development of NFTs have no standards or laws. Of course, this statement may seem a little unbearable from the eyes of many NFT buying and selling experts, but the fact is that there are many ways to sell an NFT, which we will review for you.

Types of NFTs!

NFTs can contain photos, videos, music, or text in the media format. In other words, any digital file can be listed for sale in marketplaces as an NFT token. However, note that another category of NFTs contains the value of physical assets such as real estate and physical arts. The following list is prepared for you to browse in full.

  • Artworks
  • Collectibles
  • Video game assets
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Virtual lands
  • Web Domains
  • Music
  • Tickets
  • Real-world assets
  • Fashion
  • Identity and spiritual value

Thus, it can be concluded that there are many choices for creating and selling NFT. In this tutorial, we are going to design and publish an NFT that includes a dedicated image.

Different methods can be used to create an NFT. Each method has its advantages and drawbacks and different choices can be made according to the conditions.


Requirements for creating NFTs.

Before you want to list an NFT for sale on the market, you have to meet some prerequisites. According to the type and category of NFT in question, these requirements are different.

The first prerequisite to start the process of creating and selling NFTs is to make and deposit in a web3 wallet. The best suggestion to get started is to use the Metamask or Trust wallet.

So, in the first step, install and launch the Metamask wallet for your desired browser and, according to the blockchain in which you plan to register your NFT tokens, deposit its native token to pay the transaction fees.

If we intend to develop an NFT collection, the main requirement is mastery of graphic skills. As you know, in NFT collections like Fidenza, the rarity index has a direct impact on the value of each token.

To create a rarity index among the tokens of an NFT collection, we need to design traits and the probability of using each trait in each token. For example, the trait of laser eyes in the BAYC collection is one of the rarest features in the tokens of this collection.

So, the second requirement is the design of various traits for tokens. Of course, it should be noted that other graphic parts such as the background image or the main subject are also a trait and all of them should be considered in the rarity index’s matrix.

If you plan to design and develop an NFT token individually, the rarity index is not important and you can focus on the artistic taste of the NFT token appearance.

In the following, the popular methods for creating and selling NFT are prepared for you.


Method #1 – Websites or Platforms.

Along with the increasing popularity and use of NFT tokens, many software developers have released tools for creating and selling NFTs.

Using these platforms can be a suitable choice for users or artists who are less proficient in the technical aspects of designing NFT tokens. In this way, it is possible to publish NFT collections without needing programming knowledge.

By simply adding graphical traits, these tools develop an NFT collection with the user’s desired specifications that is ready to be listed on the marketplaces.

The list of websites that you can use to create and sell NFT is:

  • Appypie NFT Generator
  • Fotor NFT Creator
  • AutoMinter NFT Generator
  • Bueno No-Code NFT Tool
  • Generate NFT Online
  • UniqMyNFT No-Code Generator
  • NFT-Inator Free Generator
  • Genfty NFT Generator

You can also use various tools to make generative art which is becoming one of the most popular works of art. The following list introduces you to the top platforms for making artificial-based arts that you can use to design the appearance of an NFT token:

tyler hobbs fidenza
Credit: Tyler Hobbs, Marfa Mural, Marfa, TX, 2021. Courtesy of the artist

Method #2 – software and coding.

Some other people who are interested in creating and selling NFT have sufficient knowledge of programming skills and working with graphic software while not willing to pay online platforms to create their NFT collection. Thus, this method will be a better choice for them.

Design visual traits.

If we want to develop an NFT collection, first we need to design the traits of the tokens of an NFT collection. For this, you need to master graphic skills to be able to design different layers that are introduced as traits.

To design visual features, you can ask a digital artist to collaborate or use tutorials available on the Internet.

Combining visual traits.

After you have designed the graphic parts of the NFT tokens of the desired collection, it is time to combine them to make unique images for that collection.

There are different software to do this but you have to be very careful about the security aspects. Many of these softwares contain infected codes that increase the risk of compromising your stored data.

A tutorial video from the process of combining the visual traits to minting the NFT collection is included for you below, follow all the steps carefully, and know that you are not going to do a very difficult job.

How to mint NFTs?

After the process of designing and producing images of NFT tokens is finished, it is time to teach you the steps required to implant images as an NFT token on marketplaces like OpenSea. A pre-sale step is to mint tokens into wallets.

For this, we must first develop the smart contract and then upload their images and metadata and mint tokens. Note that this process without the use of auxiliary tools requires mastering the knowledge of Web 3, IPFS protocol, smart contract programming, etc.

All steps before listing in NFT markets can be done with the help of the NFT Port platform. This platform offers different price plans to its users, and of course, it has also made available a free plan for up to 100 NFT tokens.

With the help of this platform, you can easily mint an NFT token in your wallet or use its API to mint multiple collections of NFT tokens.

image to nft

Minting an NFT with the NFT PORT.

In this platform, Polygon and Rinkbey blockchains can be selected for users to register and store their tokens.

First, register on this website with a valid email. After that, 100 tokens and 5 smart contracts per blockchain credit will be added to your account.

From the left menu, select “API KEY” and then copy it and save it in a file. We need it when validating mint tokens. Then click on “Docs” from the left menu. Follow the path below for the fastest way to mint your NFT token.


NFTPort Dashboard

Quick mint an NFT token.

On the left toolbar, the “Easy Minting” option has two sub-options where you can upload the NFT image file from a computer or an URL. These two options have no functional difference.

Easy Minting

In this tutorial, we will use the second option because we want to convert an image from PC storage to an NFT token. On the right side, a section is prepared for you to enter information, which we will complete in the following order.

Easy minting w_file upload NFTPort - 1

Easy minting w_file upload NFTPort - Response - 1

Enter the API code in the Authorization field.

In the Chain field, we will enter the desired blockchain name.

In the Description field, we write an arbitrary description of the NFT token.

In the mint_to_address field, we put the wallet address to which we want the token to be sent.

In the Name field, enter the name we want for the NFT token.

In the File field, we will upload the desired image file that we intend to convert into an NFT token.

And finally, we click on the “Send API Request” button. If all the steps are done correctly, a new section called “Response” will be displayed for you, and in this section, the words “200 OK” will appear in the first line.

Also, in this box, the address of the transaction in the “polygonscan” service is provided for you, which you can use to ensure the success of the transaction.

Polygon Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details PolygonScan

Customizable minting an NFT token

If you are interested in minting your desired NFT token with a personalized smart contract and metadata, follow the steps below.

First, we create a smart contract through the “Deploy a contract for NFT products” in the “Product Contracts” option. To do this, complete the fields as described below:

Deploy a contract for NFT products NFTPort -1

Deploy a contract for NFT products NFTPort response -1

Chain, enter the desired blockchain name.

Name, enter the name of the smart contract.

Symbol, enter an abbreviation.

owner_address, Enter the address of the owner of the smart contract.

metadata_updatable, enter true if you want to be able to have a reveal event or metadata change.

Type, enter the token programming standard.

Leave the role field unchanged and enter the addresses that will have that role in the addresses field.

After completing the fields with the correct information, save the address of the created smart contract in the Response field.

Upload a file to IPFS NFTPort

Then, in the Storage option, select “Upload a file to IPFS”. In this step, upload the desired NFT token image to the IPFS distributed protocol and finally save its address from the Response field.

Upload a file to IPFS NFTPort - 1

Upload a file to IPFS NFTPort response - 1

In the next step, select the “Upload metadata to IPFS” option. In this step, fill the Name, Description, and file_url fields with appropriate information.

For the file_url field, use the uploaded image address that we saved in the previous step. Then, in the Response section, save the address of the metadata_uri field.

Upload metadata to IPFS NFTPort - 1

Upload metadata to IPFS NFTPort response - 1

Finally, in the Product Minting option, select the “Customizable minting” and complete the fields as described below:

Chain, enter the desired blockchain name.

contract_address, Enter the address of the smart contract you saved in the first step.

metadata_uri, enter the URL of the metadata you saved in step 3.

mint_to_address, Enter the wallet address where you intend to mint the token.

Finally, click the Send API Request button and if all the information is correct, 200 OK will be displayed in the Response section, which means that the desired process has been completed correctly.

Customizable minting NFTPort - 1

Customizable minting NFTPort response - 1

How to sell NFT tokens?

After you have minted your NFT token in the desired wallet, you can use the best NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea to sell it. This is one of the easiest steps in the process of creating and selling NFTs.

First, connect your wallet to OpenSea.

Then select the Hidden option in the profile section so that the minted NFT will be displayed for you.

opensea hidden items

Click on the 3 dots icon. Now you can directly list the NFT token for sale or first remove it from hidden mode and then list it for sale.

opensea hidden items sell

In the sales section, various strategies and cryptocurrencies are provided for you, which are selected according to your needs.

opensea hidden items sell details

Finally, confirm the sell permission transaction in your wallet and pay the desired blockchain transaction fee and your NFT will be listed for sale.

opensea hidden items sell details confirm


The process of creating and selling NFTs can be very complicated or very easy. In the very near future, most businesses and artists will move towards designing and developing NFTs.

In this tutorial, we were able to introduce you to the beginner and professional ways to design the appearance of an NFT or an NFT collection. Also, the free NFT mint tutorial without the need for programming knowledge could also be read to cover the entire process for you.

How to Create NFT Art and Sell it

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Is it possible to mint an NFT without programming?

Yes, some platform such as NFT PORT provides helpful services to mint NFTs without any programming!

Where can I sell my NFTs?

Some big marketplaces such as OpenSea can be a great choice to list and sell your NFTs.

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