AVA Fundamentals: Exploring Travala, Use Cases, and Potential Growth

By reading the article “AVA Fundamentals” published in Adaas Investment Magazine, you will get acquainted with the Travala coin and its token AVA in general. This level of familiarity can be enough when you need educational information about this topic.

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Review of Travala

Travala is a platform based on BlockChain technology that can book more than 3 million tourist services worldwide, including hotels, motels, flights, and tours. The Travala platform is also 40% cheaper than regular tour companies.

How does Travala reduce prices?

  1. Travala offers clearer prices using Blockchain technology. Because of the decentralization of the platform, it is not possible to manipulate the price and raise the price artificially and announce a discount on the new price, which as a result of the discounted price is the same as the original price.
  2. The second reason for this price difference is the existence of the platform’s token, the AVA cryptocurrency.
  3. The Travala project is a very successful example of how to implement Blockchain technology in everyday life and in tour applications.

How Travala reduce costs

What are the reasons for the growth of Travala?

Freedom of choice! As you have read, Travala offers about 3 million passenger services including hotels, villas, apartments, motels, flights, tours, and more. In fact, this Travala platform can be introduced as one of the most powerful and with the most facilities for booking travel services.

Use Blockchain technology! It can be said that Travala has implemented all the application capabilities of blockchain technology in the tourism industry; These features include the transparency of data and network information, the instant and timeliness of low-fee payments, and the ability to verify customer experience (recorded comments).

Global accessibility! Every day, many people from all over the world become acquainted with the Travala platform and start using it. The increasing number of users in Travala’s blockchain network increases the network’s credibility and ensures that transactions are carried out correctly.

Transparent pricing policy! Travala has the ability to instantly confirm transactions and orders, guaranteed reservations, and no hidden cost (Hidden Tax). For many users, integrity is one of the most important features of a platform and its use. None of us feel good when we place an order at a price and see a different price in the final invoice. That’s why the Travala platform provides a maximum pricing transparency policy for its users to provide them with a great experience.

Wide range of payment options! In Travala, it is possible for users to use more than 30 cryptocurrencies, including the platform’s token, the AVA cryptocurrency, along with bank cards and international payment services. Loyal customer awards in Travala are also a special privilege for users.

Travala increases its value

Fundamentals of AVA cryptocurrency

AVA is the main token of the Travala platform. This token was first developed on the Binance Chain blockchain and then on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain platform, which can be used to pay in Travala. AVA cryptocurrency can also be stored or deposited in the Travala internal wallet.

What are the reasons for the growth of AVA cryptocurrency?

Users’ payments on the Travala platform include a 2% discount if made with the AVA token.

If you made a reservation in Travala but saw a lower price in another agency, the price difference will be refunded to you via AVA token.

If you write your opinion about Travala services, 2% of the paid fee will be refunded to you.

AVA cryptocurrency outperforms one-fifth of net income through reservations and AVA tokens. (In the term, tokens are burned.)

AVA token is now one of the payment methods in more than 5,000 online stores.

According to statistics, 18.2% of Travala platform reservations are made through its token, AVA, and this statistic is on the rise.

With the spread of vaccination and the passage of the pandemic around the world, travel is likely to resume and travel platforms such as Travala will have a good income, which will have a direct impact on the growth of AVA cryptocurrency.

Ava value increase

Founder of AVA Token and Travala

juan otero

Juan Otero

The founder of Travala and Token AVA in 2017, with the experience of booking.com and Oracle, two technology giants, began to develop the Travala platform and its token the AVA cryptocurrency.

Travala revenue forecast

The revenue forecast for the Travala platform, which was released in 2019 with the latest version of the project’s white paper, is shown in the image below. This statistic has been quite accurate so far, and if this revenue growth is forecast correctly in the coming years, the token of this platform, the AVA cryptocurrency, will experience good growth.

The end words

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What is AVA cryptocurrency?

AVA cryptocurrency is the main token of the Travala platform. This token was first developed on the Binance Chain blockchain and then on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain platform, which can be used to pay in Travala.

What is the Travala platform?

Travala is a blockchain-based platform that can book more than 3 million tourist services worldwide, including hotels, motels, flights and tours.

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    AVA will grow to be TOP50 token, i think only thing thats keeping it back is the COVID, once the pandemic slows down AVA will take off.

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