The Metaverse is coming, and the world is not ready for it!

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After Facebook changed its identity to Meta, everything changed; they had plans for the near future that no one knew about. It was common knowledge that the Meta was working on advanced AI technology, but have you ever thought about how much is too much when it comes to AI?

The main topic is the Metaverse is coming, and the world is not ready for it! And all of its unique offerings. We will discuss the algorithms, AI, VR, and AR. the advanced technology behind the Metaverse is as impressive as scary, but are we ready for all of this Humanity is on the verge of entering a new era. let’s understand everything about this topic that the Metaverse is coming, and the world is not ready for it!

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What is Metaverse?

The first factor that we have to consider in answering the question “are we ready for Metaverse?” is what it represents and how it works. When Facebook changed its brand name to Meta, it left so many users shocked on why would a billion-dollar company do such a thing; little did we know they had a bigger plan. Something that was buried and kept a secret for almost five years.

In 2021 Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, AKA Facebook, announced a new world for all users on board; it was interesting that big corporations like Microsoft, EpicGames, and cisco all were in on this idea; they provided resources for Meta to perfect this virtual platform.

The Metaverse is a virtual world that allows users to interact with each other through the Avatars that they costume build for themselves.

There are NPCs and AI completions included in this world, and the equipment required to enter this realm is being crafted exclusively by Meta and Microsoft. This new world is purely based on high levels of AI codes. The idea behind Metaverse is so simple yet complicated.

Meta says that: “We created this world to expand the borders of reality and virtual world.”

But what does it mean? We think this is the path that we, humanity, will eventually go through, but are we ready for it to happen so soon We will discuss the ups and downs of living in a virtual world and how the Metaverse can impact our daily lives, let’s move on.

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What are the algorithms in the Metaverse? (+ 4 Famous Algorithms)

The second factor in the statement of us being ready for Metaverse is the algorithms and protocols this platform performs on. We will discuss some of the aspects of the Metaverse and get to the conclusion later:

Artificial Intelligence. (AI)

Have you ever seen a Sci-Fi movie in which robots get way more intelligent than they should and rebel against humanity? (Like The Matrix) This is the most feared fact about AI technology.

AI is short for Artificial Intelligence, coded directly into the objects. Let us explain AI furthermore. Writing an AI option on an operating system or a Robot board means granting free will and thinking power to mentioned objects; items can solve problems and reach an inevitable conclusion.

Non-player character. (NPC)

This one could be scary at most times. In every video game, certain characters don’t have an operator or player behind them. They are coded to do or say some random words or pre-phrased sentences. ( Watch the “Free Guy” Movie!)

NPC stands for “non-player character,” and in the world of Metaverse, these NPCs are combined with an AI brain system. In other words, they can interact with you and talk to you based on your words, body language, etc.

Seeing a computer or a program communicating with us humans can be pretty abnormal,

but as Meta says: “Artificial Intelligence is harmless and under control.”

Although Meta ensures that nothing terrible will happen regarding the NPCs, we have to consider the possibility that these characters have consisted of codes. Every programmable coding system can be hacked and used for malicious activities such as unwanted surveillance. So, this issue can be the other concern about the Metaverse coming, and the world is not ready for it!

Horizon by Meta

Physical and virtual border.

It was inevitable that one-day virtual world and the matter world would combine into one, but with the new arrival of Metaverse, this process had a huge jump forward. In October 2021, Microsoft announced that they are working on special gloves and shoes to heighten the Metaverse experience; now, what does this mean?

Imagine that you have your Virtual reality goggles (VR) on, and you are walking in a Metaverse world; if you see a rock that you like, you can grab it and take it with you. Now, this equipment grants you the access to feel the rock you are holding or even feel the temperature of the item you are trying to touch.

In other words, the world of Metaverse is getting more and more tangible every day. So, think about this subject the Metaverse is coming, and the world is not ready for it! The concern regarding this option is the hazardous sides, a glitch on the gloves or getting bridged by a worm (a type of virus), or many other possibilities.

Apple's investment in Metaverse

RL interaction (real life)

The last thing that concerns most users from the Metaverse side about the Metaverse is coming, and the world is not ready for it! Is that human interactions get lower and lower. This is not necessarily a bad thing. There have been so many singers and artists who sold tickets to their shows that would take place in Metaverse, and all of them sold out.

Bill Gates says: “I think in two years, all of our 2D meetings will be transformed into 3D ones on the Metaverse.”

Interacting less in real life and more in a virtual world can take us away from certain feelings. Still, on the other hand, we have the opportunity to communicate, touch and interact with people that are thousands of miles away.

Now that we know about what’s inside of the Metaverse shell, it all comes to the most important question “Metaverse is coming; are we ready for it?”

Are we ready for the Metaverse?

This part of the article is our personal opinion on the statement, “The Metaverse is coming, and the world is not ready for it!”

From what we learned and researched regarding the security, privacy, and utilization of the Metaverse besides the Agreement terms, we can say that although Meta claims that it has everything under control, all programmers know that there is always a loophole.

A loophole is a way to break the chain of limits in a program.

AI evolves, and no one can claim they can obtain or contain the AI in the palm of their hands; this is a new tech, and we have no clue about its full potential. Our team thinks that it’s too soon for Metaverse to be offered to the public. First, we have to eliminate all of the dangers in AI then we can use this Virtual World freely.

Now that you know what we think about being ready for Metaverse or not let’s conclude the article.

On a final note!

If you are skeptical about the early arrival of Metaverse, this article will help you sort your thoughts and pick your side in the world better. There are still many blank spaces in the AI and Metaverse technology, and they should be fixed before the public release event.

We appreciate you sticking out until the end of this article. If you have any opinions regarding the “The Metaverse is coming, and the world is not ready for it!” statement, we would love to read up on the comments that you have to say about this subject.

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The End Words

At Adaas Capital, we hope that by reading this article you will be fully immersed in the Metaverse revolution and the world’s reaction to this technology. You can help us improve by sharing this article which is published in Adaas Investment Magazine and help optimize it by submitting your comments.


When we would be ready for the Metaverse?

To be frank, this is a very novice technology and we need to provide its infrastructure and eliminate all the risks before publishing it to the public!

Which companies are leading the Metaverse technology?

Currently we have public information that says the companies such as Meta (Former Facebook), Microsoft, Epic Games, Google, Nvidia, Apple and other big companies are leading this technology with their development,

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