Ronin Bridge Tutorial: Step-by-Step Guide to Using Ronin Bridge

Comprehensive Tutorial on Ronin Bridge: Seamless Interoperability for Transferring Assets on Ronin Network

By reading the article “Ronin Bridge Tutorial” published in Adaas Investment Magazine, you will get acquainted with the ronin wallet and Ronin bridge and its usage in general. This level of familiarity can be enough when you need educational information about this topic.

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Introducing the Ronin platform.

The Ronin Chain is a SIDE CHAIN based on the Ethereum blockchain which has been developed specifically for blockchain-based games.

The main goal of developing the Ronin chain is to minimize transaction costs for users, maximize and almost instantaneous increase in transaction approval and processing speeds, and the ability to convert Axie Infinity game assets to the Ethereum main-net.

To earn money through Axie Infinity, users need to use the Ronin wallet. The wallet also supports a lot of decentralized applications (DAPPS) and runs under the two popular browsers Chrome and Firefox.

Ronin Bridge Platform.

Before starting the tutorial, users who intend to use the Ronin Bridge must first install the Ronin wallet. In the following, we have provided you with a tutorial on installing and activating this wallet, and then we have prepared a tutorial on using the Bridge for you.

Axie Infinity

A game platform based on blockchain technology with fighting gameplay between users. This game allows its users to purchase assets based on cryptocurrencies and develop and trade them.

Ronin wallet installation tutorial.

Currently, Ronin Wallet is supported in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. To install this wallet extension, we enter its official website and select the desired browser in the specified field.

After being directed to the extensions installation page, confirm the installation of the Ronin wallet and then run it through the extensions enabled in the browser and click on Get Started.

On the opened page, there are two options for recovering a wallet and making a new wallet for new users. In this tutorial, we will select the new wallet option. Then we are directed to the password configuring page and receive the recovery phrase, which after completing the steps, the Ronin wallet is created for the user.
install ronin wallet
install ronin wallet - chrome storeinstall ronin wallet - get startedinstall ronin wallet - new userinstall ronin wallet - make password
install ronin wallet - recovery phrase
install ronin wallet - wallet created

How To Use Ronin Bridge?

To get started you need to enter Ronin Bridge. All you have to do is search for its name on Google and after entering, click on the Deposit option. At this point, you will be asked to connect your Metamask wallet, which contains Ethereum-based tokens to transfer your tokens to the Ronin chain.

On this page in the RONIN ADDRESS field, you must enter the address of your RONIN wallet. To do this, use the copy button specified in the photo, copy the address, and paste it into a special field.

Then select the asset you want to transfer from the ASSET option and then enter the amount you want to transfer in the AMOUNT field and finally click on the NEXT button to display the transaction confirmation.
ronin bridge - google search
ronin bridge - deposit optionronin bridge - connect metamaskronin bridge - transfer

How to withdraw from the Ronin wallet.

To withdraw the assets you have stored in the Ronin wallet, you must enter the enter ronin bridge website, then select withdraw option.

In the ETHEREUM ADDRESS field, you must enter the Ethereum address of your METAMASK wallet, and in the ASSET field, select the type of asset you intend to withdraw, and finally, by paying the transaction fee, you will receive your assets in your METAMASK wallet.
ronin bridge - withdraw
ronin bridge - withdraw to metamask

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how to use ronin bridge


What Is Ronin?

The Ronin Chain is a SIDE CHAIN based on the Ethereum blockchain which has been developed specifically for blockchain-based games.

What is Ronin Bridge?

Ronin Bridge helps to transfer assets between the Ronin chain and the Ethereum mainnet.

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    What if i accidentally out my ronin addres instead of my metamask in withdrawal

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