How to Know Upcoming Airdrops?

Everything You Need to Know About Discovering and Participating in Upcoming Airdrop Opportunities

By reading the article “How to Know Upcoming Airdrops?” published in Adaas Investment Magazine, you will get acquainted with cryptocurrency airdrops and how to get the highest quality information about them. This level of familiarity can be enough for you to find those airdrops which have enough potential to make money through them.

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What Is the Cryptocurrency Airdrop?

One of the marketing strategies for a new product or boosting sales for old products is free donations to customers. If you pay attention, you can remember similar examples in your mind. For example, an outdoor restaurant that gives everyone a free meal for 4 days to get maximum attention for its store.

In the cryptocurrency market, this marketing strategy is also very observable and its name is Airdrop. Of course, to be qualified to receive airdrops, we must perform a series of processes such as joining the project’s social media, voting on the software, or testing the transaction on the platform.

Simply put, the process of receiving free cryptocurrency from projects in exchange for performing some simple operations is called the airdrop.


What is the purpose of donating cryptocurrency through airdrops?

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important goals of the cryptocurrency airdrop process is the marketing of projects. In this way, they spend the budget that the projects have calculated for the marketing process in the form of donating their tokens through the airdrop process, and its benefits are:

Effectively increase project awareness

When value is created for users, they tend to talk about the product with others and complement the benefits they have gained. In this situation, it is easy to conclude how each person informs several other people about the existence of that project and this series of processes continues.


Decentralization of the token distribution process and project’s control

The airdrop process is a solution and a win-win deal to prevent the whales’ behaviors when the tokens are distributed and to prevent the project from being controlled by them. In this way, the tokens will be donated among many addresses, and this causes decentralization in the project.

Stay tuned to Adaas Investment Magazine for a more detailed study of the types of airdrop models.


Types of receiving cryptocurrency airdrops.

Note that in any of the types of receiving airdrops, you do not have to deposit money or publish your security information!

Normal or standard airdrop

In the standard airdrop method, no operations should be performed by the user and the tokens will be automatically sent to the requesting wallet address.

Reward airdrop

One of the most popular types of receiving airdrop is the reward model, in which the user receives some tokens for free in exchange for simple operations such as joining the project’s social media.

Dedicated airdrop

In this model, tokens are sent only to people who have used the project before announcing the airdrop process or have become a member of the site and social media. For example, the airdrop of the Uniswap decentralized exchange was a dedicated type that was not held for the public.

Investors airdrop

Some cryptocurrency projects send cross-section airdrops to those users who have owned the tokens for a while to encourage long-term investment.


Learn how can get cryptocurrency airdrops.

Now that we know the concept and goals of the airdrop process, it’s time to learn how to get airdrops together.

The first step in starting this process is to find out about upcoming airdrops. We can use the “” website for this purpose. The latest airdrops have been published on this website along with information about receiving them for free. This website has various categories such as airdrops for long-term investors, the most popular airdrops, or airdrops with high potential for users. This way, people who want to participate in this process can simply select their category and interest and then start operations.

airdrops io

An example to get airdrops from the website

After entering the main page of this website, to read the project information and the conditions for receiving its airdrop, we click on its logo to be directed to the page of that project. On this page and in the first section, information such as the nature of the project has been published for users. Then, in the other section which is the Step-by-Step Guide, the process of how to participate to receive this airdrop is explained.

Note that each project may require different operations from users! website

Other platforms to get information from the latest airdrops.

In the previous section, one of the most popular websites for airdrops information was introduced, in the following, we have introduced other websites that publish comprehensive information about the latest airdrops.


If you are a trader or investor in the cryptocurrency market, you must have heard the name of this useful website and had experience working with it. Coinmarketcap has developed a section for publishing the latest airdrop information, which has the same user interface as other platforms.

coinmarketcap airdrops


Another platform that specializes in introducing and disseminating airdrops information is the airdropalert website. On this site, users can view categories such as NFT airdrops, and decentralized finance (DeFi) airdrops, and participate in their favorite airdrops.

Important topics for participating in cryptocurrency airdrops.

Receiving cryptocurrency airdrops requires the provision of a reliable infrastructure on the part of users. As mentioned earlier, each airdrop requires unique operations from the user, and the tools required to participate are:

Special email address

Note that if you want to participate in the airdrops process, you must have a new email address separate from your other email addresses, and the reason for this is the possibility of hacking by airdrop projects operations.

Special social media accounts

Be sure to create a special account for airdrops on social media such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, and use the email we mentioned in the previous step to create accounts.

Special Software wallet

Under no circumstances should you use the wallet in which you have stored your cryptocurrencies to participate in the airdrops operations. The possibility of wallet hacking in this process is very high and you need to use a dedicated wallet for this purpose.

How to Know Upcoming Airdrops

Security tips in the airdrop process.

Note that it is very difficult to distinguish a reputable airdrop from an airdrop that works with fraudulent intent, due to the progress of fraudulent projects that have no security issues at the project level. For this reason, you should follow all the safety tips that we have prepared for you in the form of a list below. Note that if you are attacked and hacked, there is no way back to your information and assets.

– Use a special email address that has no use for you other than airdrops.

– As much as possible, install your software wallet on a new mobile phone in which the mobile phone does not contain valuable information.

– Under no circumstances give any security information such as the private key of the wallet or the recovery phrase of your wallet to anyone.

– No reputable airdrop will ask you for money to deposit, refrain from sending money to the addresses.

– Under no circumstances provide your personal information such as your address and mobile number to any airdrop.

– Do not click on any link that does not use the SSL protocol.

– If your device is infected with ransomware, do not pay any money. They won’t unlock your device!

– If one of the steps of the airdrop operation is suspicious in your opinion, do not complete the requested operations.

The End Words

At Adaas Capital, we hope that by reading this article you will be fully immersed in How to Know Upcoming Airdrops. You can help us improve by sharing this article which is published in Adaas Investment Magazine and help optimize this article by submitting your comments.


What airdrops are coming up?

You can use the “” website for this purpose.

Is airdrop crypto safe?

Note that it is very difficult to distinguish a reputable airdrop from an airdrop that works with fraudulent intent, due to the progress of fraudulent projects that have no security issues at the project level. 

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