How to Create NFT Collections Like Cryptopunks?

Step-by-Step Tutorial on Creating Unique NFT Collections Inspired by the Success of CryptoPunks

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Digital assets are becoming more popular with traders and investors every day. In the meantime, NFT tokens are gaining a lot of popularity and it is predicted that they will become an inseparable technology from people’s digital life in the future.

Creating an NFT collection has also become popular among developers and artists. This process can be done in two ways, professional and beginner, which we have prepared for you in the following tutorial on how to make NFT like the Cryptopunks collection.

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What is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?

Before we review how to create an NFT collection like the popular Cryptopunks, it is better to review the concept of NFT tokens together.

The word “NFT” stands for “Non-Fungible Tokens“; This means that they have a unique value. In other words, each NFT token has a special feature that distinguishes them from each other.
Assets such as digital arts, physical arts, soccer players, video game characters, and so on are among the assets that can be valued and sold in the form of NFT tokens.

Introducing the Cryptopunks NFT collection

In 2017, Matt Hall and John Watkinson were developing an application capable of generating 10,000 avatars with different attributes. The process that resulted in the creation of the Cryptopunks collection by the larvalabs is known as one of the first NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain platform.

In this collection, 441 tokens have the trait of mohawk hairstyle and only 175 tokens have the trait of surgical mask. Over 9,000 tokens are human in male and female forms, but only a few tokens are in the aliens, zombies, and monkey forms.

Cryptopunks were developed before the introduction of the ERC-721 standard in the Ethereum blockchain, and according to this, they can be introduced as tokens with the ERC-720 standard, whose smart contract is structured in a personalized way that has the same standard features as ERC-721.

Cryptopunk is known as one of the most valuable NFT collections among investors and traders in this market and is very popular. This collection falls under the Profile Picture (PFP) category and this has increased the demand for this amazing and expensive NFT collection.


Different methods of creating NFT collections

As an artist or developer, you can create a NFT collection and sell it in the best NFT token buying and selling marketplaces, you can use the following methods.

Creating and minting NFTs manually

This method is suitable for artists who want to sell their physical works in the form of NFT tokens, or beginners who do not have the skills to develop and program a NFT collection.
Follow the steps below and finally, you will successfully register an NFT collection for sale.

1- Choose what digital works you want to auction. Are you a musician or a digital video artist? Choosing this topic will have a direct impact on the possibility of selling a collection because following the trends is very helpful in selling a collection.

2- Choose the best NFT marketplace for your collection. If you are a novice user and need a large volume of buyers and sellers, Opensea can be a good choice. On the other hand, if you are a well-known artist and your works have their own fans, the SuperRare can be a better choice.

3- According to the blockchain you plan to publish your collection, deposit the token required to pay the transaction fee in that blockchain in a sufficient amount in the wallet connected to the NFT marketplace. For example, if the Solana blockchain is your choice, you have to deposit SOL tokens into your wallet.

4- Depending on the selected NFT marketplace, follow the process of creating a specific NFT collection. This process has a common structure in all marketplaces, but in some NFT markets, there may be more requirements to publish your collection that require reading the guide to minimize the amount of risk.

5- Market your NFT collection to let interested parties know of a valuable collection. Note that a NFT collection is not just images or other digital files, and making a successful NFT collection like Cryptopunks requires the use of the knowledge of experts in this field.

Most Expensive Nfts Sold Ever

Creating and minting NFT collections automatically

If you are familiar with the NFT market, you will recognize collections like Lazy Lions and Bored Apes Yacht Club as successful collections. In the following, we have prepared a tutorial on how to make a NFT collection similar to Cryptopunks, so that you can create them automatically and sell them on the Opensea market.

The following methods can be used to create a NFT collection automatically:

Online platforms

Due to the significant development of websites and online platforms along with the advancement of cloud computing technology, almost any tool with any purpose can be found in the Google search engine. Many websites can be used to create NFT collections such as Cryptopunks automatically and without programming, and we have introduced the most popular ones for you below.

If you are looking for a very practical platform with a very simple user interface, this website can be a good choice. NFT collections of up to 100 tokens are created for you for free. Of course, it should be noted that Watermark will be placed on the images in the free version, and for a better experience, you should try the paid version of this platform.


You can use the following video to learn how to work with this platform.

Genfty Platform

Another platform that can be used to build a NFT collection is Genfty, which offers a very professional user interface. Like its competitors, this platform will develop a NFT collection with its features for up to 100 tokens at no cost to you.
There is also a calculator built into this platform so that you can calculate the final cost for any number of tokens you intend to develop.


genfty-price calculator

You can use the following video to learn how to work with this platform.

Creating the NFT collection by programming

If you are a programming expert and don’t want to pay platforms to develop your NFT collection, you can easily do this process using your knowledge.

According to the marketplace where you plan to sell your collection, you must meet some prerequisites. For example, in the Opensea, at least 4 attributes must be considered for each token in the collection to calculate its rarity index.

To create a NFT collection like the Cryptopunks you need to use an application to randomly combine different traits to generate the final avatars. These applications are available as open source on GitHub. Note that each of them may have a different user interface and how to work with them is also different.

After installing and running the traits synthesis software, you need to design the traits. For this part, you can get help from online platforms or a digital designer.

Finally, you need to develop the smart contract for the designed NFT collection tokens. For this, you can program a smart contract from scratch or use the Fork of other smart contracts. With this smart contract, you can do the minting process in the NFT marketplace too.



creating a NFT collection like Cryptopunks has become popular among cryptocurrency and NFT markets users. Due to the impressive success of these collections, the general users think that they will achieve great wealth by creating a collection. What many of them don’t realize is the other dimensions of success of these NFT collections.

In general, there are two manual and automatic methods for making NFT collections, each of which has its own advantages and drawbacks, and different decisions are made according to the conditions.

How to Create NFT Collections Like Cryptopunk

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What is the Cryptopunks?

Cryptopunks collection is created by the Larvalabs and is known as one of the first NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain platform.

What are the different types of creating NFT collections?

There are two manual and automatic methods for making NFT collections, each of which has its own advantages and drawbacks.

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