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Cryptocurrencies are the future of our generation. Digitalization is inevitable in our world, and one of the moves toward this goal was cryptocurrencies. Some people like to trade, and others want to invest in crypto coins, but what if we tell you there is a way that you can make a profit more than what you usually get from valuable educational information?

There is a method called Margin Trading. In this article, we will teach you everything there is to know about Bitcoin Margin Trading, and we will offer you a Bitcoin Margin Trading guide for you to use. Get your pen and paper, and let’s get started on how you can use Bitcoin Margin Trading educational information to get more profit.

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A brief introduction to cryptocurrencies

Several years ago, chain computers and networks gathered around and created the BlockChain network platform. In other words, all of these networks and computers make a single entity, the cryptocurrencies or digital currencies are a part of this network, and they are accessible to the public.

The security on this network and its currencies are immaculate; in other words, it’s nearly impossible to hack or rig the system, and even if someone does, the whole network cuts off that person. Blockchain is growing every day. It is expanded by a programming language called Solidity, which can write new sections on the BlockChain which is invented and introduced by the Ethereum project.

Now cryptocurrencies are classified as Coins such as:


These coins are minable and purchasable; in other words, you can mine the BlockChain and get the cryptocurrency you want, but it’s not that simple. The other alternative is to purchase the Coins with capital currencies like dollars. Let’s mention that BlockChain allows you to acquire a part of a particular coin.

For example, if one Bitcoin is worth $54,000, you can buy $500 worth of Bitcoin, and it’s entirely ok. Prices on these coins depend on what is happening around them. We mean that a celebrity’s tweet or a political issue can impact the value of certain cryptocurrencies.

For example, Elon Musk once twitted:

“We bought Bitcoin.”

He is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX; with only this tweet, Bitcoin grew almost up to 20% in only one day; you have to keep this in mind when trading cryptocurrencies.

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What is Margin Trading?

We will lead this article with Bitcoin as an example. There are significant risks and vast profits; let us tell you how Margin Trading works.

Margin Trading is a method that allows you to use another individual’s investment, in this case, the exchanger, and therefore logically, you will be getting more profit.

For instance, if you have $10 worth of Bitcoin, and the prices get increase up to 100%, you will get $20 in total, but if you invest $20,000 and with a 100% profit, you will end up with $40,000 this number can be higher because the Margin Trading can increase the profit rate to over 250%.

For example, 250% of $40,000 is $140,000 dollars in other words $100,000 pure profit. The investment required for this action comes from a third-party individual who is usually the exchanger or a whale (someone that buys and sells vast amounts of cryptocurrencies at once).

But with colossal profit come huge Risks. There is something called the liquidation warning. Your assets dropped to zero; your coins aren’t worth anything in your account balance. Like the profit in which you could profit 25 times more, you can quickly lose your assets 25 times more than usual, leaving you with nothing. Now let’s get to the Bitcoin Margin Trading guides.


Bitcoin Margin Trading Guide (+ 7 Instructors)

We will invest an imaginary amount of Bitcoin in this part, leading to that. Imagine you have $50,000 worth of Bitcoin, and you are trying to do margin trading, so let’s go.

First of all, we will get a loan from the exchanger or the third-party individual that we mentioned. There is something called leverage that defines how much is at stake, like X25, X100, or X300. And besides, there is an option called liquidation price, it works automated, and if it senses that your assets are getting liquidated, it will close the trade immediately.

Let’s first list some tips regarding the Bitcoin Margin Trading Guide:

1- No matter the urge you have to start small, if it’s your first time trying margin trading, you will have to start with little bits of coins, for example, $10-$50.

2- If you are not sure about your experience in trading, it’s not the wisest move to put all of your assets at once and margin trade because it can end very badly.

3- There are risks and facts that you have to know about this kind of trading; we suggest getting to know liquidation and fees a little bit better because they can differ from coin to coin.

4- When you first start trading or even later on when you become a professional, try and manage your risks. This means that you should always expect the least risk. It means a higher liquidation price.

5- Trading cryptocurrencies is a risky act overall, but you double the risk when using the margin trading technique; we advise you to invest in short-term positions to avoid any conclusion.

6- Seconds matter when you are trading crypto coins. You have to be sharp; everything that happens in the crypto world can be within seconds. For example, you can profit 300% in a second and lose 400% in the next one.

7- Fundamental analyses are critical to your work. Usually, cryptocurrencies can change value based on what is happening globally. Therefore, you have to pay attention to fundamentals.

The Dangers of Bitcoin Margin Trading Guide (+ 2 Important Risks)

You have to keep in mind these facts if you intend to invest in Bitcoin margin trading. Now here are some of the risks that you should avoid:

  •  Losing the loan

Liquidation price is critical, it prevents your assets from getting lost entirely, and in the worst-case scenario, you will lose your own money and not the loan.

  • Complete elimination

But there are far grave dangers in margin trading, if your assets get liquidated, your balance will be $0, and you have a debt the size of the load you took.

So be careful and follow our tips in the “Bitcoin margin trading guide.” By this point of the article, we are sure you are pretty familiar with crypto, Margin Trading, and Bitcoin Margin Trading; now, it is time to conclude this article and get to the bottom line.

bitcoin average transaction fee

Taking this into account…

We learned that there are several trading methods, and one of them is the Margin Trading Guides. The bottom line for this method is that you can achieve a hefty profit if you use it properly, but the counterpoint stands, meaning that you can lose a lot of money by just not paying enough attention.

As we said in the article, our most crucial suggestion is to start small. Invest in a few coins and gain experience. Furthermore, although cryptocurrencies are sometimes unstable, you can invest in large amounts, so be careful.

Another suggestion is to start by trading in other methods to get the hang of the trading art. We hope that this article will be helpful as we intended.

We expect that using these tips and rules that we offered in the “Bitcoin Margin Trading Guide” article will help you be a better investor and trader.

Bitcoin Margin Trading Guide

The End Words

At Adaas Capital, we hope that by reading this article you will be fully immersed in Bitcoin Margin Trading Guide. You can help us improve by sharing this article which is published in Adaas Investment Magazine and help optimize it by submitting your comments.



What are the different modes of Bitcoin margin trading?

In general, there are two types of bitcoin margin trading. Long Position (buy) and Short Position (sell).

What are the best bitcoin margin trading exchanges?

Here are the exchanges:
1- Binance
2- FTX
3- Kraken
4- Bitmex

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