Apple and Metaverse: What is Apple’s view of Metaverse?

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Apple and Metaverse - What is Apple's view of Metaverse

Apple and Metaverse

Metaverse technology is developing rapidly and as in the article “What is Metaverse?” We looked at the leading companies in the development of this technology, introduced Apple as one of the most important and the very important impact of this technology giant in Metaverse.

Many experts believe that Apple could be one of the biggest competitors of Meta to Metaverse products and services after the big name change of Facebook, which changed its name to Meta. We have already seen the power of Apple in software development, and also the great trust of users due to the observance of user privacy laws has increased the potential for growth and success for Apple.

Apple CEO has announced that the Apple Store, with more than 14,000 applications available to users, with the power of the Apple ARKIT development kit, can provide convenient facilities for users to access the Metaverse platforms. After this talk, the value of Apple shares experienced significant growth, which indicates the market’s welcome to Apple’s entry into the Metaverse industry.


Virtual reality or augmented reality? Which is Apple’s choice?

As you know, with the introduction of the Horizon Rooms platform, Meta has shown that it is more inclined to virtual reality technology and is trying to expand the use of the 3D Metaverse worlds by developing virtual reality headsets that have suitable features to enter the market.

Meanwhile, from the words of the current CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook, it can be seen that Apple’s investment and focus has increased in the field of augmented reality. His vision is for products that make the real world more practical by adding virtual elements through special software and glasses, and Apple has proven in the past that it can best implement innovation and the right strategy to supply it.

As Apple distances itself from investing in the development of Metaverse (virtual reality) 3D platforms, it has been observed that most of the time the company has preferred to use the term Mixed Reality instead of Metaverse. The move reflects a greater willingness and investment in the development of Apple hardware and software products for the augmented reality industry.

Apple’s investment in Metaverse Review.

Apple has a special reputation for being late but very powerful. For example, when the wave of cloud services like Google Cloud was very hot and every company was successfully implementing an idea in the cloud, there was no news of Apple’s activities and it was a question for everyone how this company has not yet launched its product.

But those familiar with Apple’s strategies were looking forward to a strong and creative entry into the cloud industry. Finally, with the introduction of the Apple One product, Apple proved that it can be almost unrivaled in terms of marketing the product.

One thing that can be seen about this later but more powerful entry strategy at Apple is the great focus on research and development before producing a product. In this way, Apple can make the best decision based on collecting and processing a huge amount of information, and also this later entry provides them with the feature of introducing users to new products.

As for Apple’s investment in Metaverse, this strategy has likely been adopted. At the same time as Meta welcomed Metaverse and allocated more than $10 billion in 2021 for Metaverse and its product development, Apple said in a statement that it had a budget of nearly $25 billion annually for research and development.

According to analysts, and given Apple’s business history, more focus is expected on health applications for Apple’s Metaverse products. As can be seen in the Apple Watch product, it is a very good application for the subject of health, and even in the event of a sudden change in vital signs, this device sends an alert to selected contacts, indicating the amount of focus on this application from Apple’s look.

Apple's investment in Metaverse

Apple products for Metaverse.

Given that no official news or announcement has been made as of the date of this article (March 14, 2022) for Apple products in the field of Metaverse, relatively strong hypotheses have been made in interviews by Apple analysts and engineers that in the following, we have published the most important ones for you.

Note that, this article will be updated if there is any official news about Apple products for Metaverse.

Apple View Virtual Reality Headset

It is very likely that Apple has developed a virtual reality headset and prototypes of this headset have been completed. According to rumors, the name of this headset can be Apple View, and like all products of this company, it has a simple user interface and appearance.

This headset, like all Apple products, uses a proprietary operating system and allows connectivity to other Apple products, and its main application will be for the gaming, commercial and educational industries.

apple metaverse

Apple Glasses Augmented Reality Glasses

As you have read, a large part of the company’s investment is in the field of augmented reality and its products. Thus, the Apple Glass smart glasses can be a product for daily use of augmented reality technology. It is expected to be able to connect to other products such as Apple mobile phones and computers and unveil new features to make life easier with the help of digital elements. This product is a big competitor for Ray-Ban smart glasses, which is a joint product with Meta company.


Many users and investors are waiting for the official news about Apple’s activities in Metaverse. According to published information, Apple is focusing on the development of hardware and software products that use augmented reality technology and improve the real world and has chosen the term Mixed Reality instead of the term Metaverse for Apple products.

Apple and Metaverse - What is Apple's view of Metaverse

The end words

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What Is Apple’s View Of Metaverse?

Apple CEO has announced that the Apple Store, with more than 14,000 applications available to users, with the power of the Apple ARKIT development kit, can provide convenient facilities for users to access the Metaverse platforms.

What are the Apple products for Metaverse?

– Apple View Virtual Reality Headset
– Apple Glasses Augmented Reality Glasses

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