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What is SHIBA INU cryptocurrency?

The introduction of the Shib token on the official site of this project is as follows:
A meme coin (like Dogecoin – projects that do not have special technology and were created as entertainment and jokes) that has become a great ecosystem!
So in general, Shiba cryptocurrency is not inherently valuable like Ethereum or Bitcoin, but given the current situation of traders, it is welcomed as Dogecoin!

Shiba analysis

SHIBA INU Fundamental analysis

Shiba Inu cryptocurrency has introduced its token under the acronym $SHIB into the market. According to its development team, Shiba cryptocurrency is the main competitor of DOGEcoin and allows its users to easily buy billions of Shib tokens. Shiba Inu also claims to replace the DOGEcoin in the short term! They first put their tokens up for sale at their decentralized exchange called ShibaSwap.

What is the supply strategy of SHIB tokens?

SHIBA Inu cryptocurrency development team claims to have locked 50% of the total supply in a decentralized UNIswap exchange at the beginning of the route.
The remaining 50% of the supply is burned by Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the Ethereum project, and Shiba has become the first project whose entire supply is on the market and available to everyone.

SHIBA INU smart contract at UNIswap >


The LEASH token was developed as a reward for SHIBA liquidity pool providers. The total supply of this token is 100,000.

BONE Token

According to the SHIBA development team, the BONE token is the second largest competitor to the DOGEcoin. This token operates in the field of DeFI and more information can be found in ShibaSwap!

SHIBASWAP decentralized exchange

Currently, the decentralized exchange of the SHIBA project is in the testing phase, and if completed and the news following this exchange, we assure you that this article will be updated and this update will be published on Adaas Capital’s social media!


The following exchanges currently offer SHIB tokens:

  • Binance
  • UNISWAP (V2)
  • OKex
  • 1inch

And other unfamiliar exchanges for investors and traders in the cryptocurrency market! But according to the available information, the safest way to buy SHIB token is Uniswap exchange!

You can also use the following links to buy SHIB and LEASH tokens!



What are the growth factors of SHIBA INU price?

By now, you must have noticed how different a project like Ethereum is from a joke project like DOGEcoin or SHIBA. But technological and technical differences do not matter to many traders and non-experts, and they invest their capital in this market.

Top of the news

The amount of user searches indicates the amount of reputation of each of these projects among the people! Due to the tweets of the famous character, Elon musk, this cryptocurrency, and DOGEcoin are at the top of the news from the users’ point of view.

Low price and market cap

Another feature of this cryptocurrency and the interest of traders in this market is the very cheap price of this cryptocurrency along with its low market volume. Some expect to see an increase in the price of SHIB tokens as the market cap increases!

The upward trend of the market

Yes, this general uptrend is in favor of all projects, and the combination of these reasons and the volume of users investing in such assets has increased its price!

The end words

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What is SHIBA Inu cryptocurrency?

The introduction of the SHIB token on the official site of this project is as follows:
A meme coin that has become a great ecosystem!

How to buy SHIBA INU?

The following exchanges currently offer SHIB tokens:
– Binance
– Any valid CEX and DEX

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