How to Create a Metaverse World? A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners to Professionals!

Step-by-Step Tutorial on Building Your Own Metaverse World: From Concept to Execution

By reading the article “How to Create a Metaverse World” published in Adaas Investment Magazine, you will get acquainted with the methods to create Metaverse worlds for beginners and professionals. This level of familiarity can be enough when you want to start to develop your own Metaverse world.

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Due to the increasing importance of the Metaverse industry among traders and investors, as well as software developers and ordinary users, the idea of building Metaverse worlds has been proposed for all of them. Given the newness of the concept of the Metaverse as well as the technologies used in it, building a Metaverse world requires sufficient knowledge and capital to develop and maintain it.

In Adaas Investment Magazine, we have explained to you How to Create a Metaverse World in different ways so that you can make the best choice while reducing costs and spending time.

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What is Metaverse? Is this technology available to everyone?

Before we tell you how to build a Metaverse World, it’s best to have an insight into and access to Metaverse technology. As you read in the article “What is Metaverse?“, this technology is introduced to the next generation of the Internet, which provides users with features such as 3D environments and the transfer of new types of information such as the feeling of touching objects on the Internet.

As you know, this technology with its amazing capabilities is currently only available in test versions in large companies such as what they have introduced as Facebook Metaverse or Apple Metaverse. This represents a huge cost for the development of Metaverse worlds, but in this article, you will learn the top methods to develop Metaverse worlds that can be useful for both investors and novice users.


Learn How to Create A Metaverse World. Welcome to the new age of the Internet!

Now that you are fully acquainted with the concept of Metaverse, it is time to start learning how to build Metaverse worlds if you are interested in developing it. The new age of the Internet has made everyone eager to enter and experience it, and in the meantime, people who are interested in building and developing are more curious than others to know how to build a Metaverse world.

Note that due to the generality of this article, we have only introduced you to the methods of building a metaverse world, and if you need more information, use the clue we have prepared for you, and follow in a deep and specialized way.

1 – The best way is to use powerful platforms! (Suitable for beginners.)

If you are a user who has experience working with any software that creates a digital file, such as 3D max, you can easily develop a personalized Metaverse World. Of course, if you do not have enough experience working with computer software, do not worry! These platforms are moving towards a simpler user interface every day, in other words, the construction and development of Metaverse worlds in them, and you only need to have a little time to get acquainted with the tools of these platforms!

To use powerful platforms, it is better to start from Decentraland or SandBox, which are the most famous platforms in the world of Metaverse without programming. Both have a close user interface and graphical power, but if you are not interested in environments with pixel graphics, such as Minecraft, it is better to use the Decentraland platform.

On the project’s official website,, the platform has published a tutorial on how to create a metaverse world, which both regular users and software developers can use to easily develop their desired Metaverse environment or world and place it for public display or sale in the best NFT marketplaces.

The prerequisites for building Metaverse worlds by these platforms are:

– Provide a native plot of land of the platform.

– Buy the native Metaverse cryptocurrency of the platform to buy land or other items.

– Know the installation and connection of cryptocurrency wallets from the user’s computer to the website or software of these platforms.

– Know how to buy or sell NFT tokens. (Optional)


2- Developing a Metaverse world by coding. (for professionals!)

Many programmers who are familiar with the basics of developing 3D environments or games can use their knowledge to develop a Metaverse world and not use platforms such as Decentraland or SandBox due to limitations or high costs.

The most important issue when developing Metaverse worlds without the use of powerful platforms such as Decentraland is the simplicity and low cost of user-side processes such as visiting or using that Metaverse world. The most important factor that makes any commercial or non-commercial idea successful is that the project becomes popular or viral among a wide range of users.

Note that many technologies are used in a Metaverse world. For example, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and even blockchain and cryptocurrencies are among the basic technologies when developing a Metaverse world. This implies that logically one or two programmers can not develop all aspects of this technology, and therefore one of the biggest requirements in this method is to build a team to develop and maintain that Metaverse world.

The prerequisites for coding to create a Metaverse world are:

– Build a programming team proficient in the technologies used in Metaverse platforms.

– Provide augmented reality and virtual reality servers.

– Provide the right hardware to develop 3D environments.

– Attract an investor to finance project costs.

– Provide superior competitive features compared to other platforms.

Provide a product that can be run on all devices; Even ordinary computers and mobiles to cover a wide range of users.

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3- Starting a company for the development of Metaverse worlds.

Many investors in the financial markets and even venture capitalists who are interested in accelerating startups are trying to buy a company active in the Metaverse industry. This has involved a wide range of investors, the largest of which is Meta, that has allocated $10 billion to build and develop its Metaverse world.

This has led shareholders and investors to look more closely at the statistics and information of companies and teams active in the Metaverse industry in order to make the best choice for investment.

The point that many organizations and powerful individuals do not pay attention to when investing is the very high genius and skill of some programming teams and their growth potential compared to many well-known companies in the industry. The founder of the Ethereum platform, Vitalik Buterin, for example, is one of the best examples of this and can be seen as a sign of the superiority of young teams over large corporations for investment.

– Tips for investing in a team or companies developing the Metaverse Worlds include:

– Assess the ingenuity and skill of developers and the amount of potential when investing.

– Examine the needs of users that are met by the product provided.

– Review the competitive features of the product with other products on the market.

– Provide technical experts to review the product from the perspective of a developer.

– Provide an investment advisory team with sufficient experience to invest in emerging technologies.

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Conclusion. Which method is better for creating a Metaverse world?

As you have read, it is not possible to develop a Metaverse platform with different goals for those who are not proficient in developing the technologies used in Metaverse without training to build Metaverse World. Of course, platforms such as Decentraland and SandBox have been developed to provide services to them, which have made it possible to build a Metaverse World without coding, which requires the purchase of items such as Metaverse land.

The other group is people who are proficient in coding and are trying to build their own personalized Metaverse world. Without a team to cover the technologies used in Metaverse and an investor to cover development costs, these people will not be able to build a personalized Metaverse world, and it is better to use the Decentraland and SandBox platforms in single-player development.

Finally, for large investors who want to enter the Metaverse industry, instead of developing a Metaverse world platform from scratch, it is better to study projects and startups that have good competitive features. in this direction, they need help from investment advisors who are masters in emerging and risky technologies investment.

How to Create a Metaverse World

The End Words

At Adaas Capital, we hope that by reading this article you will be fully immersed in How to Create a Metaverse World. You can help us improve by sharing this article which is published in Adaas Investment Magazine and help optimize it by submitting your comments.


What are the methods to create a metaverse world?

To create a metaverse world, there are top three methods which are:
1- Using a famous platform such as Decentraland for no code creation.
2- Team up with programmers to build a metaverse world from scratch.
3- Investors can buy a ready project or an active startup that has its own metaverse world.

Which technologies are used in the metaverse worlds?

The common technologies that are used to create a metaverse world are:
– Augmented Reality (AR)
– Virtual Reality (VR)
– Artificial Inteligence (AI)
– Blockchain
– Cryptocurrency

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