How To Add Shibarium To MetaMask Wallet?

Explore the World of DeFi with Shibarium in Your MetaMask Wallet!

By reading the article “Adding Shibarium to MetaMask” published in Adaas Investment Magazine, you will be fully familiar with how to seamlessly add Shibarium to your MetaMask Wallet and join the playful revolution of decentralized finance (DeFi)! This level of familiarity can be enough when you need educational information about this topic.

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, the ability to adapt and evolve is paramount. One such evolution that has been making waves recently is the integration of Shibarium into the MetaMask Wallet. This topic is not only relevant but also essential for anyone involved in the crypto space.

Shibarium is a Layer 2 solution based on Ethereum, designed to provide faster and cheaper transactions. It’s a game-changer in the crypto world, and its integration with MetaMask Wallet is a significant step forward.

MetaMask is a popular wallet used to interact with blockchains. It’s a bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today.

The integration of Shibarium into MetaMask Wallet is a topic of great interest and relevance. It’s a powerful combination that promises to revolutionize the way we transact in the crypto world.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to add Shibarium to MetaMask Wallet. It’s a step-by-step guide designed to make the process easy and understandable for everyone.

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Step-by-step Guide to Adding Shibarium to MetaMask Wallet

Latest Update! After releasing the Beta version of the Shibarium network, we have updated this article and now you can learn how to add both mainet and testnet of the Shibarium to your Metamask Wallet!

How To Add Shibarium Beta to Metamask Wallet:

If you encounter any difficulties when manually importing networks to your Metamask wallet, don’t worry. We have a fantastic solution for you:

Chainlist! It’s a user-friendly and completely free platform designed to simplify the process. With Chainlist, you can effortlessly import the most popular blockchains to your Metamask wallet with just a few clicks. Follow these simple instructions to get started:

1- Begin by opening your web browser and conducting a quick search for Chainlist using Google or your preferred search engine.

2- Once you’ve arrived at the Chainlist website, locate the “Connect Wallet” button. It’s typically situated in the top right corner of the page.

search for chainlist

chainlist connect wallet

3- If this is your first time connecting your wallet to Chainlist, you may be prompted to sign some smart contracts using your wallet’s digital signature. Don’t worry, it’s a straightforward process. Simply review the details and approve the transactions.

4- Once your wallet is successfully connected, utilize the search function to find “Shibarium Beta” Once it appears in the search results, click on the “Add to Metamask Wallet” button.

connect chainlist approve

searching for shibarium in chainlist

5- An alert will appear, requesting your permission to add the Shibarium Beta network to your wallet. Simply click “Approve” to grant Chainlist the necessary access.

6- You may be prompted to switch your current network to the Shibarium Beta network. Look for the “Switch Network” button and click on it. Voila! You’ve successfully added the Shibarium Beta blockchain to your Metamask wallet.

allow chainlist to add shibarium to metamask

swtich network to shibarium beta

shibarium added to metamask

Congratulations on your successful integration of the Shibarium Beta blockchain into your Metamask wallet! From now on, you can enjoy the benefits of faster transactions and lower fees. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, remember that Chainlist has a supportive community and comprehensive documentation to assist you.

How To add Shibarium Testnet with the Help of ShibRPC:

Step 1: Go to and on the opened page you can see a button named “Add to Metamask”, click on it.

Step 2: Metamask will ask you to allow to add a new network to your wallet, give this permission by clicking on the “Approve” button.

Step 3: In the next step, click on the “Switch Network” and it is done! You have successfully added the Shibarium testnet network to your Metaask wallet!

enter shibrpc website

allow shibrpc to import puppy net to metamask

allow switiching from current network to shibarium

shibarium testnet is successfully imported to metamask wallet

Please note, the Shibarium Testnet is named Puppy Net!

Adding Shibarium Network Manually:

In Metamask wallet, you can add a custom network manually by importing the desired network’s RPC information. Follow the steps below to do this for the Shibarium network:

Step 1: Open your Metamask wallet and in the top left corner click on the Networks list. You will see a button named “Add Network”, click on it.

Step 2: A new window will be opened for you where you can see a list of networks you can add to your wallet, in the bottom of the list, click on the “Add a Network Manually” button.

Step 3: In the next step you need to enter Shibarium’s RPC and click on the “Save” button. Here we have provided you the valid RPC to save you time:

Shibarium Beta RPC: 
Chain ID: 719
Symbol: BONE

Step 4: You have imported the Shibarium successfully, all you need to do is switch to the new network by clicking on the “Switch to Puppy Net” button.

add custom network to metamask wallet

click on add networks manually

fill the fields to add Shibarium to metamask

Shibarium is successfully added to metamask

Congratulations on your successful integration of the Shibarium into your Metamask wallet! From now on, you can enjoy the benefits of faster transactions and lower fees. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, remember that Chainlist has a supportive community and comprehensive documentation to assist you.

Common Issues and Solutions

As you set out to add Shibarium to your MetaMask Wallet and join the exciting world of Meme Coins and DeFi, it’s essential to be prepared for any bumps along the way. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some common issues you might encounter during the process, along with simple solutions to overcome them.

Issue 1: Insufficient Gas Fees

Another issue that users frequently encounter is the “insufficient gas fees” error. This happens when the user doesn’t have enough Ether (ETH) in their wallet to cover the transaction fees.


– Ensure you have enough ETH in your MetaMask Wallet to cover the gas fees.

– If you don’t have enough ETH, you can purchase more from a trusted exchange and transfer it to your MetaMask Wallet.

Issue 2: Transaction Failures

Transaction failures are another common problem when adding Shibarium to MetaMask Wallet. This can occur due to a variety of reasons, such as network congestion or incorrect transaction details.


– Check the network status to see if there’s any congestion. If there is, consider waiting until the network is less busy.

– Double-check the transaction details to ensure they are correct. This includes the recipient’s address, the amount of Shibarium, and the gas fees.

By understanding these common issues and their solutions, you can ensure a smoother experience when adding Shibarium to your MetaMask Wallet. Remember, the key to avoiding these problems lies in careful attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the process.

How to Add Shibarium to MetaMask Wallet

How To Install and Set Up MetaMask?

If you haven’t already, start by installing the MetaMask browser extension or mobile app. Visit the official MetaMask website and follow the instructions for your preferred browser or mobile platform. Create a new wallet or import an existing one by securely entering your seed phrase.

To install the Metamask wallet for desktop or mobile devices, the best way is to visit the official website at and You can also Google the name of this wallet and finally enter the Metamask wallet official website. On the main page of this website, the Download Now button will take you to a page from which you can download the software version suitable for your mobile or computer.

metamask google

On the Download page, your device’s operating system will be automatically detected and the download option will be displayed. Of course, if needed, you can also download and use the versions of other operating systems.

Metamask Wallet is developed and can be installed for Android, iOS and Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge browsers.

For example, in this tutorial, we will install this wallet for the Chrome browser. After clicking on the “Install MetaMask for Chrome” option, we will be redirected to the official installation page of this extension.

Then on this page, we click on the “Add to Chrome” button and it asks us for permission to install it, and to do this, we click on the Add Extension button, and finally, the message that the MetaMask extension is successfully installed will be displayed to us.

metamask download page

metamask add to chrome

By clicking on the Metamask logo in the Chrome browser extensions section, we will enter a page that starts the setup process by clicking on the “Get Started” button. On the new page, you will be asked to select:

  • Left option: Import an existing wallet by its recovery phrase.
  • Right option: Create a new wallet for you.

In this tutorial, we want to create a new wallet for ourselves, so we select the right option, Create a Wallet.

metamask get started

metamask new wallet

The new page asks you for access to grab information such as pages visited in the software by users (Page Views) to collect and analyze them, and to apply optimizations to improve the user experience. Also, you can select the “No Thanks” option if you do not want to allow it.

Next, you need to enter a strong password to log in to the Metamask wallet and re-enter it in the second field to confirm it, and finally check the Term of use option and at the end click the Create button.

Help improve MetaMask

metamask create password

A tutorial has been prepared for you to provide more security for the Metamask wallet, which you can view if you wish so that you can learn valuable tips for free therefore you can keep your wallet safe and secure from possible attacks by hackers or thieves.

After viewing the tutorial, you will enter a very important page that displays the wallet recovery phrase for you. Keep these recovery words in a safe place so you can use them to recover your wallet if needed.

Note that access to wallet recovery phrase is equivalent to access to all digital assets stored in that wallet, so it is best to be diligent in keeping it secure!

After noting the recovery phrase, click the Next button to be redirected to the page where you want to enter them. On this page, you have to enter the 12 recovery words that you wrote down in the previous step and finally click the Confirm button.

metamask secure wallet tutorial

metamask Secret Recovery Phrase

enter the recovery phrase metamask

If you have done all the steps correctly, you will be presented with a congratulations page, which means your wallet is made by Metamask software. After clicking on the All Done button, you will be directed to the Metamask wallet software environment.

This page displays information such as the type of blockchain, the amount of assets stored, past activities, the public address of the wallet, the button to add tokens, and other features.

Note that the steps we went through are the same for installing and launching Metamask wallet on other operating systems such as Android or iOS, and you can use this tutorial to install Metamask wallet on mobile as well.

metmask Congratulations

metamask app home

What is Shibarium?

Shibarium is more than just a buzzword in the world of cryptocurrency; it’s a revolutionary blockchain platform that’s set to redefine the way we perceive digital transactions.

Shibarium didn’t just appear out of thin air; it’s the brainchild of the creators of Shiba Inu, a popular meme cryptocurrency. The developers, not content with the status quo, envisioned a platform that could handle transactions more efficiently and cost-effectively. Thus, Shibarium was born.

Shibarium: The Blockchain Revolution

At its core, Shibarium is a Layer 2 blockchain platform. But what does that mean? In the simplest terms, a Layer 2 solution is a secondary framework or protocol built on top of an existing blockchain. The primary purpose of such solutions is to solve speed and scalability issues that plague many current blockchains.

Shibarium, as a Layer 2 solution, aims to address these issues. It’s designed to handle a higher volume of transactions at a lower cost, making it a game-changer in the crypto space.

The Shibarium Advantage

Shibarium isn’t just a run-of-the-mill blockchain platform. It has several unique features that set it apart:

– Scalability: Shibarium can handle a higher volume of transactions, making it a scalable solution for businesses and individuals alike.

– Cost-effectiveness: With Shibarium, you don’t have to worry about exorbitant transaction fees. It’s designed to keep costs low, making digital transactions more accessible to everyone.

– Speed: In the world of digital transactions, speed is king. Shibarium delivers fast transaction times, ensuring that you don’t have to wait for your transactions to process.

Shibarium is more than just a blockchain platform; it’s a vision for the future of cryptocurrency. With its focus on scalability, cost-effectiveness, and speed, Shibarium is poised to redefine the way we conduct digital transactions. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or a newcomer to the space, Shibarium is a term you’ll want to remember.

shiba inu logo

What is MetaMask Wallet?

If you’re venturing into the exciting realm of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi), you’ve likely come across MetaMask Wallet—a powerful tool that opens the doors to blockchains and all its possibilities. MetaMask is more than just a wallet; it’s a gateway to the decentralized web, providing seamless access to a world of decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchain-based tokens.

MetaMask Wallet is a browser extension that serves as a digital wallet for managing blockchain-based assets, making it a popular choice for crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Its ease of use, enhanced security features, and compatibility with leading web browsers make it a go-to option for those navigating the vast crypto landscape.

How Does It Work?

MetaMask acts as an intermediary between your web browser and the blockchains, allowing you to interact with dApps and conduct transactions. It accomplishes this through a simple yet powerful mechanism:

1- Installation and Setup: Installing MetaMask is as easy as adding a browser extension. Once installed, you create or import a wallet using a unique seed phrase for enhanced security.

2- Wallet Access: With your wallet set up, MetaMask automatically integrates itself into your browser, making it readily available whenever you need it. You can access your wallet from any browser tab, providing quick and easy control over your funds.

3- Seamless Interaction: When you encounter dApps or blockchain-based platforms, MetaMask seamlessly connects your browser to the Ethereum network. This allows you to perform various actions like trading tokens, accessing DeFi platforms, and participating in decentralized governance.

Key Features and Advantages

MetaMask Wallet comes packed with features that enhance your crypto experience and ensure a smooth journey into the world of decentralized finance. Here are some of its standout features:

– User-Friendly Interface: MetaMask boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both seasoned crypto veterans and newcomers.

– Secure and Private: With the option to create your wallet and manage your private keys, you retain full control over your funds, enhancing security and privacy.

– Network Customization: MetaMask allows you to switch between blockchains’ mainnet, testnets, and custom networks, facilitating easy testing and development for blockchain projects.

– Built-in Token Swaps: MetaMask enables token swaps directly within the wallet interface, saving time and avoiding the need for third-party exchanges.

Why MetaMask Matters in the Crypto Space

– Versatile and Essential: MetaMask is a versatile tool for anyone interacting with blockchains, whether for DeFi, NFTs, or accessing various dApps.

– Secure and Trustworthy: Its commitment to security and user privacy has earned MetaMask a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable wallet option.

– Pioneering Web 3.0: As Web 3.0 evolves, MetaMask remains at the forefront of decentralized web adoption, empowering users to take control of their digital assets.

With MetaMask Wallet by your side, you’re equipped with a powerful tool to navigate the ever-expanding world of cryptocurrencies.

metamask logo


As we draw this enlightening journey to a close, it’s essential to take a moment to reflect on the key takeaways from this post. The primary focus has been on the process of adding Shibarium to your MetaMask Wallet, a task that may initially seem daunting, but with the right guidance, becomes a straightforward process.

Shibarium is more than just another blockchain; it’s a revolutionary platform that has the potential to redefine your cryptocurrency experience. By adding Shibarium to your MetaMask Wallet, you’re not just expanding your crypto portfolio; you’re embracing a new era of digital finance.

MetaMask Wallet, on the other hand, is a trusted and reliable platform for managing your digital assets. Its user-friendly interface and robust security features make it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced crypto enthusiasts. When you add Shibarium to MetaMask Wallet, you’re combining the power of two formidable forces in the crypto world.

The Final Step: Adding Shibarium to MetaMask Wallet

Now, let’s revisit the process of adding Shibarium to your MetaMask Wallet:

  1. Open your MetaMask Wallet and navigate to the ‘Custom RPC’ option.
  2. Enter the Shibarium network details accurately.
  3. Save the changes and voila! Shibarium is now part of your MetaMask Wallet.

The process is simple, efficient, and quick, making it easy for anyone to add Shibarium to their MetaMask Wallet.

In conclusion, adding Shibarium to MetaMask Wallet is a strategic move for any crypto enthusiast. It’s a simple process that opens up a world of opportunities. So, go ahead, add Shibarium to your MetaMask Wallet, and take your crypto journey to the next level.

Quick tips

The End Words

At Adaas Capital, we hope that by reading this article you will be fully immersed in How To Add Shibarium To Metamask! You can help us improve by sharing this post which is published in Adaas Investment Magazine and help optimize it by submitting your comments.


Does Metamask support the Shibarium network?

Yes, you can add Shibarium as a custom network to your Metamask wallet a get its benefits easily.

What is Shibarium’s RPC?

The Shib Mainnet is not released yet! But you can use its testnet by the information below:
Shib Testnet:
Chain ID:719
Symbol: BONE

What is Shibarium?

Shibarium is a Layer 2 blockchain solution being developed by the Shiba Inu project team to reduce transaction costs and improve scalability.

What is the main token of the Shibarium testnet?

BONE is the main token of the Shibarium testnet.

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