Floki Inu Token Fundamentals Review: Info, Price & How to Buy FLOKI!

Comprehensive Examination of Floki Inu (FLOKI) Token: Information, Price Analysis, and Step-by-Step Purchase Instructions

By reading the article “Floki Inu Token Fundamentals” published in Adaas Investment Magazine, you will get acquainted with the FLOKI token and how to buy FLOKI in general. This level of familiarity can be enough for you to invest in the cryptocurrency market.

This is not an investment suggestion!

We do not persuade anyone to invest or not invest in any asset.

In the official white paper, they do not introduce themselves as a meme coin! They introduce themselves as a movement. A cryptocurrency which was born by members of the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency community and has been introduced to the cryptocurrency market.

Floki Inu Token Fundamental analysis - thum

FLOKI Tokenomics Review

The Floki token has been developed under Ethereum Blockchain and Binance Smart chain to enable fast, cheap, and safe transactions for its users.

FLOKI token supply

The supply of tokens is a fixed amount (10,000,000,000,000) and until September 2021 all the tokens of this cryptocurrency have been distributed in the trading cycle. More than 30% of the tokens are locked in the Burn Tokens smart contract, which excludes these tokens from the supply cycle.

Rewards for Holders

One of the features that the Floki Inu token offers to its users is the negative inflation that is automatically sent to the wallets which belong to holders of this cryptocurrency as part of the cost of transactions of this token.

FLOKI INU technology review

As you read at the beginning, this token is transferable in Ethereum blockchains and Binance smart chain, which is a convenient feature for users to choose their favorite blockchain and take advantage of its features.

Also as a reward in the format of AirDrop, which is a collection of NFT tokens in various categories and developed under the ERC-721 standard, which belongs to the Ethereum blockchain, it is given to the initial buyers of this token. This set of NFT tokens is distributed under the categories of bronze, silver, ruby, and diamond, each of which has different values and properties.

It is also possible for users to use bridge technology between the two Ethereum blockchains and the Binance smart chain, and to do this, it is enough to use the moontography platform.

What is the difference between Ethereum and Binance blockchains

FLOKI token roadmap review

The development team of the Floki Inu cryptocurrency is always looking to expand applications, business connections and create a completely decentralized ecosystem. In the following, we have published for you the most important goals of this project, which have been identified under four quarters.

In the first quarter, the audit of the Floki Inu Token Smart Contract, the development and launch under the Binance Smart chain, the launch of the cross-chain feature, and listing on the coin market cap website are targeted.

In the second and third quarters of the token roadmap, user reward programs, building and expanding business relationships, listing in centralized exchanges, and advertising and marketing programs are on the agenda.

On the last quarter, the NFT token trading marketplace and physical products related to the Floki Inu token have been targeted.

floki token roadmap

Floki Inu cryptocurrency exchanges

To trade FLOKI token, users can use the following exchanges:

  • UniSwap (V2)
  • PancakeSwap (V2)
  • 1inchexchange
  • Gate.io

Also, You can visit the Floki Inu cryptocurrency profile at CoinMarketCap.com to view the latest updates from exchanges that support Floki token trading and check their inventory of Floki Inu cryptocurrency through the following link.

 View Markets >

How to buy FLOKI token

As you can see, there are several exchanges that offer this token trading service. In this tutorial, due to the very low transaction cost and high speed of transferring tokens on the Binance smart chain platform, we have selected PancakeSwap Exchange for buying or selling the Floki token tutorial.

First, through the profile of this cryptocurrency on the Coinmarketcap.com website, we copy its smart contract based on the binance smart chain. To do this, select the Contracts option, and in the next step, copy the specified address.

How to Buy FLOKI token - copy smart contract

How to Buy FLOKI token - copy smart contract based on binance

Then we enter the PancakeSwap exchange and after connecting our wallet, which contains the BNB token to buy the FLOKI token, from the Select a currency section, we paste the copied smart contract to add the FLOKI token to the list.

How to Buy FLOKI token - connect wallet to pancakeswap

How to Buy FLOKI token - pancakeswap

How to Buy FLOKI token - pancakeswap select a token

How to Buy FLOKI token - pancakeswap import token

Finally, by entering the desired amount of BNB tokens, we can see the number of FLOKI tokens received, and after confirming the specifications and transaction cost, we finish it.

How to Buy FLOKI token - pancakeswap swap

How to Buy FLOKI token - pancakeswap transaction

The end words

At Adaas Capital, we hope that by reading this article you will be fully immersed with the FLOKI INU token fundamental analysis and how to buy it. You can help us improve by sharing this article which is published in Adaas Investment Magazine and help optimize this article by submitting your comments.

Floki Inu Token Fundamentals


What is FLOKI token?

In the official white paper, they do not introduce themselves as a meme coin! They introduce themselves as a movement.

What are the features of FLOKI Inu token?

Features of this cryptocurrency include fixed rewards for long-term investors, and negative inflation.

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