How to Use Fear and Greed Index? A Comprehensive Guide!

Exploring the Fear and Greed Index: Understanding its Use, Interpretation, and Investment Insights

By reading the article “How to Use Crypto Fear and Greed Index?” published in Adaas Investment Magazine, you will get acquainted with what is the fear and greed index and what are its usages in general. This level of familiarity can be enough when you need educational information about this topic.

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A trader or investor in the financial markets is always aware that the fluctuation of prices of tradable financial instruments causes various emotions in other people. But one of the most important rules is to control these emotions to manage trade positions.

Emotions caused by the circumstances of the financial markets cause the creation of new trading positions of sell or buy in the market and this issue can determine the amount of supply and demand and ultimately the direction of the market.

But how can we understand the prevailing sentiments in the financial markets? For this issue, the fear and greed index has been developed, which we will introduce and examine its use in the following.

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What is the Fear and Greed Index?

As you can see, traders’ sentiments are of great importance, thus it creates the need to develop a quantification tool for investors’ sentiments. The fear and greed index is one of the most important tools used to obtain the required information about the psychological conditions of the financial market.

This index, along with other indicators of technical price analysis and fundamental analysis, is used as a description of the feelings of most traders and investors.

The term used to introduce this index is “FUD”, which is the head of words such as Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt in the financial markets and expresses these human feelings.

By accessing this index, financial market analysts can study market sentiments in different time periods such as daily, weekly, or monthly, and draw different conclusions from the behavior of this index.

Review the History:

For the first time, the CNNMoney financial tools development group developed this index for the stock market. This was the first time that a new financial market analysis index quickly gained popularity among analysts, and the reason for this was to fill a need that CNNMoney Group was able to identify and develop a suitable tool for.

After the increase in popularity of the fear and greed index and seeing the allocation of a part of most analyses in financial markets, this index was developed by developers for other financial markets such as cryptocurrency, and in these markets, it was also able to gain high popularity among analysts and investors.

Fear and Greed Index

How to Use the Fear and Greed Index?

Any index that is used to analyze the price of tradable financial instruments and the possible direction of its movement has qualitative values, and whenever the index shows one of those values, the result of the analysis can be different.

The fear and greed index shows a number between 0 and 100. The more this number tends to 0, the more fear is expressed among investors, and as a result, the closer the index is to 100, the more greedy it is. It should also be noted that the middle range of this index also indicates uncertainty among traders’ sentiments.

One of the most important points when using this indicator for analysis is to read the guide published by the developer. Due to differences of opinion among different sources, the recipe followed by the index developed by CNNMoney may differ from the index developed by other companies.

The main principles are:

When the indicator shows the range of fear, it indicates the creation of supply more than the amount of demand and creates panic among investors. Prevailing fear can cause out-of-control trading that drives the price of some assets below fair value.

When the indicator shows the range of greed, it indicates that the demand is more than the supply, and the feeling of FOMO is promoted among investors at this moment. The feeling of FOMO causes the formation of irrational trades that drive the price of some assets to more than fair value.

When the index shows the range of uncertainty, the confusion among investors has reached its maximum. This feeling prevents the registration of any trading position of buying or selling and causes stagnation and a low volume of transactions in the financial markets.

Warren Buffett once said that it is wise for investors to be “fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”

How is the Fear And Greed Index Calculated?

Indicators generally follow mathematical formulas that contain variables. For example, the result of several algebraic operations on the variables of the volume of transactions, number of transactions, and price fluctuation range in a time period is the formula used in one of the indicators of technical price analysis.

The fear and greed index is also made up of the change in the value of some variables used for its development. These variables are different in various financial markets.

In the cryptocurrency market, the following variables are considered for the fear and greed index:

Bitcoin price volatility range is measured by 30 and 90 days moving averages.

Bitcoin price trends and trading volume are compared and combined with 30-days and 90-days average values.

Bitcoin dominance is measured over the entire market. For example, for Bitcoin, increasing dominance causes the index to be greedy.

The amount of interaction and republishing and use of selected hashtags related to the cryptocurrency market is measured on social media such as Twitter.

Data related to services such as Google Trends and other similar services are collected about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market assets.

crypto fear and greed index
crypto fear and greed index | Source:

In the stock market, the following variables are considered for the fear and greed index: (Source: CNN Business)

Market momentum is measured by the “Standard and Poor’s Index – S&P 500” against the 125-day moving average index.

Stock price strength is measured by the number of shares that have traded at the highest and lowest prices of the past 52 weeks.

Stock price breadth is a comparison between trading volume in stocks whose price is increasing and stocks whose price is decreasing.

Put and Call options which is the amount of delay in sales option contracts and purchase option contracts are compared and shows the amount of greed prevailing in the market.

Junk bond demand which is the amount of demand for stocks that have a higher risk is also an influential variable in the fear and greed index.

Market volatility is also one of the other variables in which the VIX index is measured and compared to the 50-day moving average.

Demand for Safe Haven, this phrase means the entry of capital into low-risk assets, and its increase means risk aversion by investors and increasing feelings of fear in the market.

stock market fear and greed
Stock market fear and greed index | Source:

Conclusion about Fear and Greed Index

The fear and greed index has become a popular tool among investors and analysts of different financial markets such as the stock market or cryptocurrency. The feeling of need for this tool has been one of the reasons for its success.

Although many sources are promoting the use of this analytical tool, there are important points to consider in order to get the best analytical performance:

– The fear and greed index, cannot be the only reason to open or close an investment position in the financial markets, and other analytical dimensions should also be considered.

– The fear and greed index, which is the result of the measurement of some variables such as the number of hashtags on social media, can suffer from errors and this possibility should be considered in the analysis.

– The fear and greed index is generally used for short-term and medium-term analysis, and for long-term analysis, it is better to allocate focus and energy to macroeconomic indicators.

How to Use Crypto Fear and Greed Index

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What is the fear and greed index?

The fear and greed index is one of the most important tools used to obtain the required information about the psychological conditions of the financial market. 

Where can I access the fear and greed index?

For cryptocurrency market use:
For stock market use:

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